ZALXNDRA harmoniously unites innovation and modernity with a rich heritage of handicrafts in embroidered linen garments. For creative minds, intrepid souls and connoisseurs of the exceptional, these special pieces are the result of passion and creativity, made to explore and complement the magic of the world alongside its wearer.

Working with a highly skilled team at a boutique atelier, each piece is hand-crafted by a woman who is filled with care and passion for the craft, hyper-focused on details. At times taking up to two months to complete a dress, each is handled by only one talented and experienced embroiderer to maintain a consistent needlework style. Materials are sourced from around Europe, all of it sustainable and biodegradable, to create limited runs of finely produced dresses that eschew the waste and impersonal quality of large cookie-cutter productions.

Thanks to its eye-catching character, demand grew organically and ZALXNDRA continued to diversify. From hand-embroidered linen dresses showcasing a creative and playful twist on traditional stitching, to machine-embroidered linen garments, contemporary linen pieces without embroidery, and options made from lighter fabrics – there is a stunning selection of timeless fashion, capable of captivating even the most adventurous minds. There is also a beautifully crafted array of hand embroidered and machine-embroidered children’s pieces to choose from, with highly anticipated men’s options set to be unveiled very soon.

Worn by intellectual women with artistic, open-minded and adventurous souls, who value the most exceptional qualities that life has to offer and appreciate the effort put into a lovingly created garment, ZALXNDRA is for the aesthetically mindful.